What makes IMT Ghaziabad one of India’s top MBA institutes?

Published: 02nd November 2009
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To bring to you this special series on the experience of students at top MBA schools, MBAUniverse.com team has toured all across India. MBAUniverse.com has found that every part of India has a MBA school, be it north, east, west or south. The National Capital Region also boasts of some of the best MBA schools. After our last tour of MDI Gurgaon, it is time to visit the campus of IMT Ghaziabad, which is one of the top 10 MBA schools of India.

The campus of IMT Ghaziabad is unique in its own right, as the MBA school leaves no stones unturned for the students to be comfortable and to make it a fun place for learning. The biggest attribute of this MBA school is its location in the laps of Mother Nature. "From chirping of the cuckoo to flocks of cranes in the huge play ground, you will feel like you have entered a new world all together," says Achint Goel, a second year student of IMT Ghaziabad. The architecture of the MBA school also attracts attention with its huge glass panes facing the ground and comfortable sofas to sit on.

As far as the infrastructure of IMT Ghaziabad is concerned, that needs a special mention. From well-equipped library to the latest computer lab and from the state-of-the-art gymnasium to the huge amphitheatre, you name it, you have it. We now take you on a virtual tour of the campus from the eye of the students of this MBA school.

All in a Day's Work

The day starts in two different times for the two categories of students in the IMT Ghaziabad campus. The health-conscious group of students, who go for their jogging exercise, get up by six. The rest stretch themselves on the bed till eight. "After a king size breakfast in the mess, it's off to the class rooms for lectures and presentations. In between the lectures there is a 15 minutes break which can be utilized to sip away coffee or iced tea at the café. Soon it's time for lunch and the mess is buzzing more than a hornet's nest," described Goel about the beginning of the day. Lunch is generally followed by classes or in the library or taking naps.

"After 5.30 in the evening, it's time for everyone to suddenly come alive," exclaimed Goel about the start of the latter half of the day. The students who actively participate in sports indulge themselves with the various options provided to them in the campus of their MBA school, be it utilizing the basketball or the tennis courts.

After dinner, its time for the students to work on their pending assignments or group works. "People come together in hostels, library or computer lab and long brain-storming sessions go on. This may take up your whole night. But if you are lucky enough, you can get some leisure time to catch a late night movie on your laptop, or you party with friends," said Goel. By the time the assignments, discussions or movies get over, its time for the students to set alarm for the next morning.

Apart from studies, there are various activities going on in the campus of this MBA school. "Various clubs and committees have events lined up for almost everyday. There are quizzes, mock GDs, sports activities, guest lectures, leisure and informal events from various clubs like Markup, Fin-Niche, Globiz, HRuday, SumIT, Cultural Committee and many such more groups," mentioned Goel. The students never hesitate to go out for hangouts, dinners or parties even at wee hours. "In the nut shell, IMT has something exciting going on all the time," he said.

Hangout zones in IMT Ghaziabad campus

According to Goel, like any other MBA school, the canteen is the most favourite hangout zone of the IMT Ghaziabad students too. "There is nothing like gobbling up Maggi and talking on any issue under the sun with friends," he said. Another hangout zone of the campus is the Nescafe café. "It gives the best coffee and patties on the campus. It's the apt place to hangout if you need a break from library or simply going for an evening walk," Goel said.

He mentions the amphitheatre of the campus to be another favourite hangout zone. "Sit around, chat, laugh, run around, there are simply no restrictions," he said, while describing the amphitheatre of the campus. The cement bench next to the basketball court gives ample options to the students. Just sit, watch a game under the flood lights or work on your laptop.

"Another of the hot spots is the courtyard of J lobby. With the canteen nearby and loads of free space, it's the ideal place to sit and chat or work on your presentations," Goel mentioned about this another cool spot of the MBA school campus. "Last but not the least, there is Abbas chaiwala just outside the boundary wall. Serving the best tea in U.P., many of the great ideas are born here only," is how he ended the list of the hangout zones of IMT Ghaziabad.

Hostel life

About the hostel of IMT Ghaziabad, Goel attributes many things to it becoming the best hostel. "First are the large rooms with ample ventilation and huge almirahs to store our goods. Then there is the dedicated cleaning staff keeping the hostel rooms and the bathrooms shining clean," he said. He also mentioned that the campus is Wi-Fi enabled through which students can remain connected to the whole world throughout the day. According to Goel, the students get utmost comfort in the hostels which can largely be owed to the very good power back-up system. "Then there are loads of friends to hang around with which makes staying in IMT an unforgettable affair," Goel mentioned.

According to Goel, the mess of the hostel deserves a special mention. It is one of the most well-managed mess which always serves healthy and hygienic food. "Special dinners like pizza night are also organized," says Goel.

Events to look forward

Goel mentioned that the grandest of events is 'Passion'. It is a three-day event conducted in the month of October every year. "Apart from case studies, business proposals and quizzes, the event also has loads of entertainment in the form of musical band performances and rock band competitions," he said. It is participated by almost all other MBA schools in India.

Another three-day event of IMT Ghaziabad is 'Chakravyuh'. "Plethora of teams from premier B-schools arrive in campus to play their hearts out for three days non-stop events and claim the coveted trophy for the best institute," he said.

Another annual event is 'The Marketing World Cup'. "It's a hardcore marketing event, with teams from many colleges vying it out in events and competitions for three days to be hailed as the winners of the illustrious cup," Goel described the event.

For the IMT Ghaziabad aspirants

Like any other top MBA schools of the country, IMT Ghaziabad also demands hard work and perseverance from the students. Since the MBA school accepts the CAT scores, Goel advised the IMT Ghaziabad aspirants to do regular studies, taking mock tests and analyzing them. "Last months before the CAT should be dedicated to giving as many mock exams as possible so as to get a hang of sitting and working your brain for two hours or so. Then for GD-PI, one needs to brush up communication skills and body language through mock GD-PIs. Knowledge about current affairs, economic terms and jargon, and about the institute itself is very important," suggested Goel.

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